Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round Rock Donuts

Photos from More Austin

This past Saturday, I took a drive north to Round Rock to experience the famous Round Rock Donuts. Josh and I are going to be cutting back on our sweets this spring so now was a good time to donut it up.

Photos from More Austin

I was told I needed to get to the place really really early (they open at 4am) but I arrived around 9am and there was a quick moving line. They have a drive thru with about 20 cars waiting, but I think I counted only about 10 people in front of me inside the store. Why are people so coo-coo for these donuts?

Photos from More Austin

Josh said it was because they make your donuts after you order them and while you wait. So they are fresh and warm! You know why they have to make your donuts while you wait?


Because they make THESE behemoths! It's a Texas Sized Donut! There is a regular cake donut on top as a comparison. I think it took us 2 days to eat the thing, sharing it and cutting off wedges. It was pretty good - more breadlike than I expected and the glaze was tasty and not overly sweet.

I also picked up a few sausage and cheese kolaches so we were not fueled by sugar alone on Saturday. Thanks for a tasty treat and the look on Josh's face when I opened up the donut box and showed him the MEGA-DONUT, Round Rock Donuts!

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  1. Um. I don't care how sick I would have been after eating a donut from there. I want one. NOW.