Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen Updates

Some of our kitchen cabinets are high up on the walls and I have to stand on my tippy toes to get things off the second shelf. Some of our lower kitchen cabinets are too low for Josh to comfortably reach in without having to practically fold himself in half or sit on the floor. So, we updated our kitchen with two shelving projects.

Kitchen Awesome

Now we have a shelving unit to keep the KitchenAid appliances from cluttering the counters, the pots and pans are in easy reach for both of us, and the kitchen scale and mandolin are right out in the open to remind us to use them. Win! Those shelves are right on the same wall as the stove so in a useful place.

Kitchen Awesome

Then across the kitchen we have our breakfast nook next to the refrigerator. Josh found this cute Baker's Rack online with free shipping. Now we have our tea, cereal, tea cups and honey set up right next to the tea kettle and eggie sandwich toaster. The baskets can store onions and potatoes someday and right now there are granola bars and a jar of peanut butter in there :)

Kitchen Awesome

The painted bowl was a welcome gift from Josh's new employer before we moved here. The cute painted chickens and blue tea set were lovely Christmas gifts. And there is still more room for cookbooks too :)

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