Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Licorice


He has a really really full belly after eating a good breakfast of kitten formula. I know it looks like he is yelling but really he was yawning and I was trying to keep him awake to eat a little bit more. I love his wee white patch on his belly. He's not a full black cat so now he's extra lucky, right? After he ate more, I gave him cuddles and he purred while cuddled up to my neck and then licked me :)

What a soft sweet baby!

Thank you to all who have donated already to the fundraiser. I have found great deals on Amazon for the kittens food (yay 5 pound resealable backs of kitten formula powder!) and we are going to be able to feed so many kittens! I am still taking donations up til the end of April, so feel free to pass along my previous blog link to people you know who love tiny fuzzy purring babies.

Licorice says "Hey, thanks and can I have some more of that warm stuff that makes me sleepy?".

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