Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cloudy Rainy Weekend

Hello from cloudy Texas and sudden rainstorms Pflugerville.

This week was different because Josh was still sick from his San Francisco cold, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work so I could take him to the doctor's office. He got prescribed some medicines and now he's feeling pretty much better.

Yesterday we had a mellow day around the house, watching movies and doing laundry and dishes. Today, we're having another mellow day. It is very much a "Drink Milky Irish Breakfast Tea with Honey Day" and cuddle a cat or two. Later, we may go see a movie since it's too yucky outside to do yard work or wash the car.

I hope our community pool is opening this week because I really want to go swimming. I have the next two weeks off work as we wait for kids to finish taking tests so I can process them. So, I'll have time in the mornings to swim and maybe the butterflies and grackles will swim with me?

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