Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Bottle Nursery Kittens

Pile O Kittens Exploring

Hello Tiny Kittens!

I was at the baby bottle nursery and there were new kittens coming in and we were running low on kitten room. So, after feeding a few litters, I volunteered to take a few different buddies home some that I could feed overnight and see if my cats didn't mind having some temporary guests in the house. This group were very active so all their pictures were pretty much blurry *heh* There are two manx orange tabbies, a black and white one, a black one with faint tabby stripes, and one additional orange tabby.


This is MoMo and MoMo really liked Josh. Josh got a good purr out of him after he had a full belly at 10pm last night. I fed them at 10pm, 3am, and 6am. I had to tell a few of them to suck on the bottle not try to climb the bottle or chew on the bottle.


They get so excited to eat that they flail around and end up smacking themselves in the face or smacking the bottle away too.

Neo and Tater Tot were really confused why there were little yelling things in the guest bedroom and they ran away when they'd hear a particularly loud mew. I don't want to stress them out too much since we've only lived here about 3 months and they are still getting used to the house.

So, the little temporary guests went back to the nursery this morning at 8am. I stayed and fed kittens from 8am to noon and was going to go home, but was having so much fun I stayed until past 2pm. I fed some wee kitties that don't even have their eyes open yet and helped a few eat some of their first wet cat food. Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of the wee ones in the nursery.

Thanks to all of you that have donated to the Nursery and also those who have passed on the blog link about the fundraiser. I'll be notifying everyone of the total donated on May 1st and what supplies will be taken to the nursery. Link to Fundraiser post


  1. SQUEEEEEEE!!!! <3

  2. I can't believe how big their claws are already. Still cute though.