Monday, March 26, 2012

I like going to movies, Beanie likes being in them.

I like going to movies, and we have found some excellent theaters down here. First there is a theater similar to Hollywood Blvd. that our Chicago friends and family might be familiar with called Alamo Drafthouse, they have a full kitchen menu they serve during the movie and seriously enforce the no cellphones or talking rule, my kinda theater. They run new movies and have special events like sing a-longs with musicals, quote a-longs to movies filled with great one liners, one of the popular ones is "The Big Lebowski" (I am looking forward to that). They also do heckle nights where you can actually use your cell phone during the movie because they already know they are showing a bad movie and you can text message in your comments and they appear in a stream onscreen with the movie. They also do special menu movies where the food goes along with the film. Tonight we saw "The Hunger Games"on the Cinemark XD screen and it was an enormous screen and a great picture super bright and crisp. Beanie likes to be in the movies, see picture below that she is trying to get into the new American Pie movie.

American Pie Reunion, featuring Bean Bell as that girl that makes faces!

General update, I finally got the garage in order and was able to hand wash and detail the car did both the exterior except for polish and wax (which is a much longer process), and the interior got the line of products I use "equivalent" to "Armor-all" so the interior has sun screen on it now to protect it from the beating of the Texas sun. I've already gotten a tip that I will want to consider getting window tinting done to both keen the dark car cooler and protect the interior, with the side benefit of being a security issue. What thieves don't see they won't steal. The kitchen is very nearly complete, we got some wire shelving to keep pots and pans at "Josh height" while still being easy to reach for Colleen, and to keep the kitchen electrics off the counter. We're getting a Bakers rack for tea and breakfast service, also to display some decorative items. It has 4 wicker baskets that will be excellent to divide with something sturdy and keep dry goods/root vegetables in, I'm kind of excited I think that will finish off a fully functional kitchen. Pictures will follow once everything is in place. We've been bed shopping as our 11 year old bed is pretty much shot and in desperate need of replacing. Trust me its not a badge of courage to stick it out with a old bed, not even for sentimental reasons, think back to the good nights sleep you got on your mattress when it was new, I know we have been struggling with sleep and it's not just my sleep apnea or Beanies sleep talking/walking.

Next week I am flying to San Francisco for work, meeting the rest of the product team I am on. I will be out there being social and deep diving into the technologies of the product and trying to bring enough knowledge back to write support documentation to transfer knowledge to the rest of the admin team, and make it easier to support so I don't have to get woken up in the middle of the night. All of the development and most of the engineering is done out there in San Fran, the rest of the engineering, the administration and support is here in Texas. With one exception, an engineer I found out works remotely from the Des Moines area.

I hope you are all doing well and having fun and enjoying the nicer weather coming back even after a fairly mild winter. Feel free to drop me an email, last inital full first name at me dot com (I hope you can decipher that, avoiding spam bots), or if you are under 30 you're more likely to text me. My Iowa number isn't going away, I've had it for too long.


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