Friday, March 9, 2012

Guest Bedroom Decorating: First Attempt


I loved these The Container Store Décor Screen Panels when I was out during Mom Visit Time :) I purchased them in the white and black. I'm trying to decorate the guest room in white, green, maybe some purple, and the nice wood accents to go along with the corner cabinet Josh's Dad made us years ago. Our guest bed is queen size but hasn't ever had a headboard - I want this guest room to be more inviting and bright while also not being too girly.

I have four of these panels in total but 3 are exactly the size of the bed plus an inch or two on each side. I linked them together with their provided tiny rings, hung them up, and then thought they might be too high up? I don't want people to bop themselves on them adjusting their pillows. Or get their hair tangled in them or something.

Guest bathroom

I put the extra one in the guest bedroom but turned it like a diamond. I really like it on the wall in the bathroom, so I want to try to make these 3 work .... too high? Just right? Do I need to put them in a different pattern? Hrmmm. Here are links to two other patterns people have done w/ these screens - Checkerboard or Window ?

Maybe I'd get another pack of them - they are only $9.99 for 4. And they are only tacked up there with a few thumbtacks right now in the corners, so I could move them.

Hmmmm. What do you think?

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  1. This was totally cute! I think I have a photo of it on my blog from Instagram because I had to get the cuteness on camera.