Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet A Kitten: Cassie


This is Cassie. She is quite loud and spunky. She has three other siblings that are various combinations of white and brown tabby and fluffy as all get out. She might not want to eat her wet food right away, instead exploring and climbing around seem like a better idea to her. As you see she was trying to scale my shirt to my face but I wouldn't let her because it is time to eat!. I believe she is about 4 weeks old, but don't quote me on that since I fed so so so many kittens tonight.

I was feeding kittens at Austin Pets Alive from 8pm yesterday to 2:30 this morning (Now it's Saturday yay weekend yay). My new friend, Diane, was there too and we were tag team feeding kittens because there's quite a lot of small fuzzy cats right now. It was really fun and now I'm trying to simmer down so I can get some sleep :)

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