Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back in Time: Craft Fair Weekend

Two weekends ago (May 18th to 20th), Amanda came to Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair. No, she didn't drive all the way from Iowa just to shop at a craft fair, she had a booth and sold her lovely pottery on Saturday and Sunday. And Amanda didn't drive here on her own either, her friend Calee went on the road trip to Texas with her. On Friday night we went and had sushi at How Do You Roll because I had been torturing Amanda for long enough with my delicious sushi photos every time I've eaten here :)


We also checked out a new frozen yogurt place where I had pretzel carmel flavored yogurt with chocolate rocks on it.

Amanda and Calee

Saturday the ladies went and sold art at the craft fair and Josh and I washed his car and went swimming. I ended up taking a multiple hour nap that afternoon. Wore my beanself out. For dinner we went to Baby A's and introduced Amanda to the drink that is known as Purple. Purple! Doesn't Calee look adorable here?


On Sunday, the ladies once again went to sell stuff to Austinites. I went to the fair later in the day and one of the first things I saw was this addition to the water fountains in the convention center :) There was a TON of really cool items at the fair and I met a bunch of local crafty ladies. There are a few different groups that are promoting women working together to make crafts (yes!) and another place I can learn to use a plasma laser to make crafts (double yes!)


I bought myself a few small things and got a gift for the cats - Catnip Fish. Tater lovessssssss this fish. Lovesssssss it. And Neo drools on it. Goofs.

BBQ Amanda

We couldn't let Amanda and Calee leave Texas without having BBQ, so we took them to Rudy's which is my favorite BBQ place in the state. Amanda made a BBQ sandwich and there may be a picture out there somewhere of Calee enjoying herself BBQing too. I think she went into BBQ raptures :) Thanks for visiting us Ladies and I hope ya'll visit again. Maybe then we can dunk you in our pool *hee*


  1. Thanks again for having us! I had a great time. And I've already decided to order some Rudy's bbq sauce when I run out of the stuff we've got here (it's good ... but not Rudy good!)

    PS Tater looks a bit high. ;)

  2. Thank you!!! We will come dunk in your pool :)