Sunday, June 24, 2012

We didn't melt in the Texas Sun...yet

Things we've been up to since I last posted

1. My baby hamsters are sick with mange and aren't doing so hot. They are on antibiotics and children's benedryl to help them with their itching and make sure they don't get infections from scratches. Giving a tiny tiny animal that weighs about 1 ounce medication with a syringe can be tricky. Josh has to help me with Atalissa because she is so squirmy. Amana just sits patiently and really likes the cherry flavor of the medication.

2. We went to a Round Rock Express baseball game on Tuesday 6/19. The tickets were provided by Josh's work. I have more pictures and a post to write up about that definitely. I had a great time and I'm glad Josh took me.

Round Rock Express

3. The last bit of our new bed was delivered on Thursday so now our bedroom is comfy and awesome and we'll be posting pictures of that too.

4. I cut off my hair so I have fun summer hair :)

New haircut

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