Monday, February 13, 2012

On Thursday 2/9....

Josh and I went to a business and shopping area called The Domain after work. He needed to pick up an order of some accessories for his new work computer and we needed to find dinner. The shopping area was fancier than I expected; it reminded me of the Oak Brook shopping center Josh worked in when he was at the Apple store.

We walked around looking at menus of the restaurants - some were fancy wine bars and some were fancy steak places. I was not feeling fancy that day. He had heard about this place called the Cake Ball Kitchen and we were looking at it's menu pasted on the restaurant's window when one of the owners invited us "in out of the cold". It was 50 degrees and we had no coats - but that was not cold to us so he knew we were northerners. He offered to send out something special to our table if we ate there so how could we say no? It had small plates to share and some soups and salads and their namesake cake balls for dessert.

Thursday Dinner
He sent out some fire-roasted tomato soup that had some poblano foam on it. Mmm.
We split the Crispy Salmon Cakes with slaw and the Braised Short Rib Sliders with mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed the spicy wasabi sauce that came with the salmon cakes. The brioche buns on the sliders were delightful and I wanted a few and some jam on the side.

Thursday Dinner
We shared the Smores dessert. There was a smores cake ball sitting on graham cracker sticks, a pot of warm chocolate ganache, honey vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. SO GOOD!

Thursday Dinner
I also had a single Peanut Butter cake ball that tasted like a Buckeye. Josh had a german chocolate one. And neither of us was stuffed since we shared.

I will totally go back. And I think we should take Mom when she visits.

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