Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy busy first day in town

1. Get up and get money orders
2. Sign the rest of our lease and pay pet deposit and rent
3. Received keys and garage door openers yay!
4. Went and picked up the kitties and luggage from the hotel.
5. Told the kitties they soon won't have to ride in a car everyday but they said "Nyuurnnn" disapprovingly because they are DONE with car rides.
6. House! Walked around and through and looked at all the everything inside.
7. Set kitties up in guest bathroom so they wouldn't run out or freak out when the utility people came.
8. Eat a quick lunch at the Mexican grocery store, bakery, meat counter, restaurant combo at the end of our street. So yum!
9. Gas utility guy climbed up into our attic above the garage. Why? Because our furnace is up there! Wah?
10. Napped.
11. Picked up mailbox keys and paid deposit to get water in our name. They has a cute office dog just hanging out with their customer service staff.
12. Dinner of delightful sushi as pictured in this post.
13. One more errand and then snoozing :)

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