Saturday, January 28, 2012

What People Say About Austin

When we tell people where we are moving they say...

"Whoa Austin is coooool!"
"Austin is like the best place ever!"
"You'll like it because there is a lot of music!"
"Oh it is so warm in Austin! I'm jealous!"
"Yuck it is so hot there, you're going to miss the snow!"
"I want to move there! Lucky!"
"I'll trade you places and I will move there!"
"Houses are so cheap there"

But after awhile it starts to sound like
"Austin is amazing! Geckos dance around little bonfires making s'mores and there is magical music dust flying through the air and artist is the highest paying profession there and you are going to melt into a puddle of goo in July!" :)

Don't get us wrong we are excited about moving to Austin but we had some really great times in Iowa and we'll miss our family and friend. Everywhere is what you make of it :)

And for the most part people are being nice about where we'll be going but some people act like we're moving to sparkle awesome town extreme!!! And others insult it to make us feel bad about leaving maybe? All in all we are excited and I look forward to geckos dancing around.

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