Thursday, January 26, 2012

The house looks so odd

I found a home for us in Texas a few weeks ago and we found a subletor for our home in Iowa so everything is a go for the move! We'll be Longhorns soon enough (but I think Josh will insist he is forever a Hawkeye).

The moving company hired for Josh's relocation package was here yesterday packing up our house. It was kind of hard to just sit and let them do things after years of moving everything ourselves. I do really appreciate that they are packing things for the long drive down and we don't have to pilot a gigantic U-Haul across country!



Everything looks so strange with boxes stacked three or four high in groupings all around rooms. Like cardboard totem poles. The cats were sequestered away in a room yesterday and when we let them out after the movers left they were completely confused. We let them sleep with us in the bedroom as a treat and Neo was cuddly and purring. Tater Tot managed to find multiple crinkly things to bring in the room and loudly chew on them with extreme crunchy annoying loudness. Little boogerhead!

Now the movers are back today to load the truck :)

Moving 2

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