Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Weekend Fun - Saturday

I managed to somehow have the entire weekend off work! Josh and I spent Saturday morning trying to track down something while running errands. Most of the tracking down was calling places from a parking lot so we weren't driving around willy nilly. Then we had breakfast at Einsteins and went and looked at a Dodge Dart. Mostly because I think they are cute and I was curious how big they were inside. I thought it had an okay amount of leg room for me. More than the Fiat we test drove awhile back. We're not buying a new car now, but it's fun to look.

We went home and watched "Five Year Engagement" with Emily Blunt who I think is one of my favorite actresses along with Emma Stone - they both make the best facial expressions. We had baked brie with a cranberry apple chutney for lunch (it was a Stonewall Kitchen Frozen Thing from Target) and it was tasty! We watched some funny stuff on YouTube like the new Table Top episode on Geek and Sundry and the Maria Bamford Show. And 100 Greatest Guinness World Records show which most of the records were just really bizarre.

Saturday night Josh wanted to take me to this italian marketplace and restaurant called Mandola's in the Triangle. He had been there for lunch with a coworker earlier in the month. Holy Moly it was GOOOOOOOOD. You walk in and order at a counter, pick a table, and they bring it to you. So it's a casual place but the food was really really delicious. We shared a tasty calamari and zucchini appetizer and some extremely yummy salad. Josh had lasagna and I had tortellini in cream sauce with peas and mushrooms. The tortellini had ham and chicken inside it and the lasagna had the best ricotta in it. We were so full but wanted to take home desert, so we picked out some cake, a small tart, and some cookies to take home.

I fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live and Josh tucked me into bed while I was talking about hamsters eating pudding.

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