Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation: Friday Family Time

Friday morning I had eggs and toast made by Chef Dad, then I visited with Mom as we all got ready for the day. Mom and I played dress up adding a
necklace to my outfit and trying on her shoes.

I helped Deacon Dad set up the church for a funeral mass and went on the long car ride to Calumet City for the internment. The family invited us to join them for a funeral lunch at the Knights of Columbus hall. I know it sounds like a strange way to spend the first full day of vacation, but it was nice to be with Dad and chat and meet another family from church. Jane passed away after a long and interesting life and her family loved her very much.

After we got home, Dad and the kitty old lady of cute took a little nap while I tried on some clothes Mom had as a hand me down - free cute new pants wheeee!

We drove up to Evergreen Park where we had dinner with Bridget and Chris and Rookie. On the way we played classic car alphabet games that got pretty goofy - X stands for a Fox walking backwards...

Olympics! Watched the Olympics and ate pizza and exchange presents including Beavers... I brought Beaver Nuggets from Buc Ee's in Texas for Bridget and Chris they gave me a pink Webkins stuffed beaver as a belated birthday present! Great minds think alike hehehe!

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